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Temporary staffing, Employment Placement Dispatching

Employment Placement Dispatching correlation chart

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Placement System/ Step 1

Our Client Company

We collect job offer application, company profile that necessary for acquisition of human resources

Job Applicant

We collect job application form, resume that necessary for registration to our database

Placement System/ Step 2

Our Client Company

Our staff confirms details of job offer, conditions, selection criteria

Job Applicant

Our staff confirms registration data and desired conditions by a personal interview

Placement System/ Step 3

Our Client Company

We search candidates who match your conditions

Job Applicant

We introduce company and job offer conditions. After that we confirm wether apply or not.

Placement System/ Step 4

Our Client Company

We adjust interview or selection schedule. As needed, our staff also participate.

Job Applicant

We introduce you to company with job application form or Introducing letter

Placement System/ Step 5

Our Client Company

Notify us if you employ the candidate or not, after that we ask placement fees.

Job Applicant

After you employ the company, we counsel you to support your work.


Q:What kind of Employment Placement Dispatching are there?


①General Introduce

Mediate company and applicants not specified occupation or type of business


Find candidate who match conditions the company requested

※companies can headhunt candidates who is designated


Introduce person who works in a company to another company

Q:How can we apply job offer?

A:Contact us in various areas. Our staffs will visit your company and hand job offer application.After checking details, we help you to search human resources.

Q:Is Placement Service only for full-time worker?

A:It is possible to employ contract workers.

We could introduce part-time-worker, please contact us and check details.

Q:Can we do interview or selection?

A:Of course you can. 

We check resume and do first interview.

We are mediator of your company and job seeker.However, we do not provide applicant’s resume recklessly to prevent personal information leakage

Q:Is it possible to decline applicants who are introduced by JPP?

A:Yes you can.

We also inform the applicants to rejection.We provide candidates as many as we can until you find ideal applicants.

Q:When does Placement fee incur?

A:unless candidates we introduce enter your company, no placement fee incurs.

placement fee depends on annual income of the candidates and so on.Our staffs will explain you before acceptance job offer applications.

Q:We are worried and anxious about employing the candidate as full-time-worker.Is there any good solution?

A:In that case, we recommend “Employment Placement Dispatching”

In this service, you can employ them as contract worker during trial period.After observe their skill and personality, you can decide if you employ them as full-time-worker.

※We have information materials about this service, please contact us if you request the detail.

About Placement Service

Placement Service is subject to Employment Security Act.

This Service meditate Companies and Applicants, as it were matchmaker.

To take Placement Service, we have to obtained a license from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

the difference between our service and public employment security office is, we search applicants career or profile before introducing companies.

We introduce candidates as many, as much we can until companies can find ideal employees.placement fee contingent on success, so there is no fee for consulting or job offer registration.

To Companies that seeks employees

We have been mediated people and companies, provide new system through outsourcing since we establish.

We are sure that workers vitality and individuality are very important to our operation.at a time when the labor force is shrinking because of the falling birth rate and the aging population, each company has to solve this problems.

We, Japan Pro Power, gather skilled human resources and place them proper company where they can develop their abilities. Therefore we have met our customers various needs.

Through Contract, Staffing, Placement, Foreign Human Resources and other service, we will support your company’s employment management.