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Q:Is it possible to get only quotation?

A:Sure. You can continue negotiation after you check quotation.


Q:What kind of work does JPP dispatch?

A:We do not specify the scope of job. We will look for available workers if you tell us the human resources that you need.


Q:Is there any prohibited work in dispatching?

A:We cannot dispatch for prohibited work※ based on the Worker Dispatching Act.

Prohibited categories of work… 1.Port transport services, 2. Construction work, 3. Security services, 4. Medical related services(With regard to 4. Medical related services, worker dispatching may be carried out only in employment placement dispatching)


Q:Can we ask workers to work overtime or on day off?

A:Yes, the Article 36 Agreement of a Dispatching Business Operator is applied. We can provide workers who can work overtime or on day off if you ask them to do it.


Q:Could you tell me about Employment Placement Dispatching?

A:In Employment Placement Dispatching, we arrange employment when dispatching contract finish. We hear from our clients and dispatching workers about direct employment, and arrange employment if mutual agreement of both sides is reached.


Q:How can we pay placement fees?

A:Placement fees depend on the period of dispatching. The longer this period is, the lower placement fee costs.