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Environmental Policy

In order to meet the need of the time, we have been strive to provide the satisfactory supply of human resources through our originality and careful service.

With an increased interest in global environment, we are committed to improve the environment through providing partnership with our clients.

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Business description Temporary Service and Outsourcing Service

1. We will research and evaluate an environmental influence, and establish the technically and economically best feasible environmental purpose /goal to reduce the impact of society on the natural environment.

2. We will build an environmental management system which is provided environmental improvement plan, carried out, regularly reviewed and upgraded.This system contains preventing wasteful spending of resources, participating environmental activities with clients, and appropriate activities for preventing pollution.

3. There are Environmental laws such as “Laborers’ Dispatch Business Law”,”Employment Security Act”,”Waste Management Law”.We will not only comply these laws, regulations and other agreements, but also build environmental management system.

4. We will implement education and training to develop staffs who have high consciousness of environment preservation, and can follow code of conduct.

5. We promote cleaning activities through 5S promotion.

6. We Promote following 6 things diligently

 (1)  Reduce electrical energy

 (2)  Promote a cooperative with clients to carry out environmental activities


June 20, 2017

Japan Pro Power Co., Ltd

President Hirokazu Kamizono

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